Blue Skull


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Material: Plaster of Paris

Size: 16 x 12 x 10 cm

Weight: 0,6 kg

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The “Skull” sculptures are made in Berlin from Eco friendly Plaster of Paris. The Skull is a pop interpretation of the memento mori and this particular skull was on lend from the Berlin Oper houses props department.

Australian Artist Joseph Marr came to Berlin in 2007 from Sydney and felt immediately at home in Berlin. “I remember the moment when it happened, I was at Arena in Kreuzberg walking between the large brick warehouses and noticed figures emerging from the brick wall and was amazed that in the facade of an old brick warehouse there were these amazing brick sculptures with quite an eccentric style and at that moment I thought this place is really different. I could almost smell the freedom in the air compared to my home town of Sydney Australia and because of this I made my home here”. Josephs solo Artist work can be found in several major art collections worldwide, including a 9 meter long sugar sculpture in Berghain. “I’ve recently learnt the value of collaboration with the street artist Okuda san Miguel in Madrid and therefore have launched Creators Berlin.” says Marr.




Creators Berlin


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